Arrive to a house ablaze with light and a roaring fire
Enjoy the fine wine, and robust cheddar while your luggage
is unloaded and unpacked
into rich European mahogany rifle armoires
Relax into an overstuffed leather chair before the fire
 in the Gathering Room and  
Look up to an unexpected soaring Cupola 3 flights above

Imagine the tenderness and warmth of Irish linens and Austrian Eiderdown
the thoughtfulness and simple beauty 
of a cut glass water carafe on a night stand
the comfort of a bedside fire.
Wake to perfectly made espresso and delivered fresh croissants
or a full American Breakfast with Blueberry Pancakes.
Bathe with Lavender bubble bath or 
 shower with Honey Vanilla poured from exquisite toiletry bottles 
unwrap plushness in towels beribboned in twill.
Journey into an exciting day of snowriding, chasing powder and hunting for the perfect picture
 and on to a night of fine cuisine and world class casino gaming.
And as Midnight comes,,,Home are the rovers, their journeys over
 Take now your comfort in the landscape of dreams at
the Little Lodge
St. Catherine's Wood